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The ICM Act sets out a new approach to managing the nation's coast to promote social equity and make best use of coastal resources, whilst protecting the natural environment.

A Summary Guide to South Africa's Integrated Coastal Management Act
Updated User Friendly Guide to South Africa's Integrated Coastal Management Act (Revised Edition 2017)

"The coast is a unique part of the environment. It is the meeting place of the land and sea- a limited spatial area that supports diverse ecosystems and many human activities. The coast is a distinctive system in which a range of considerations- biophysical, economic, social and institutional- interconnect, in a manner which requires a dedicated and integrated management approach..."

The objective of the original 2009 Guide was to make the ICM Act accessible and applicable to coastal practitioners and interested parties concerned with specific details and applications of the Act. This Guide was a “translation” of the ICM Act into everyday language while, at the same time, presenting the contents in such a way as to assist the reader to find and understand the appropriate information.

"Subsequently, various legislative and administrative processes have taken their course, resulting in further refinement of the ICM Act and the guidance that it provides. Importantly, the promulgation of the National Environmental Management: Integrated Coastal Management Amendment Act (Act No. 36 of 2014) in 2014 means that certain provisions of the ICM Act have been revised, or even replaced or deleted, and that certain new components were added."

This new guide interprets both the old and the new information.

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Updated User Friendly Guide 2017 (PDF)


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