Disaster Management Act

The Disaster Management Act provides an integrated, co-ordinated approach to disaster management aimed at preventing or reducing risk of disasters in the country. Coastal areas are high risk areas, making this legislation important.

Disaster Management Act
Act No. 57 of 2003
"To provide for an integrated and co-ordinated disaster management policy that focuses on preventing or reducing the risk of disasters, mitigating the severity of disasters, emergency preparedness, rapid and effective response to disasters and post-disaster recovery; the establishment of national, provincial and municipal disaster management centres; disaster management volunteers; and matters incidental thereto."

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Chapters of the Disaster Management Act:

Chapter 1: Interpretation, Application and Administration of Act Chapter 2: Intergovernmental Structures and Policy
  • Definitions
  • Application of Act
  • Administration of Act
  • Intergovernmental Committee on Disaster Management
  • National 'Disaster Management Advisory Forum
  • National disaster management framework
  • Contents of national disaster management framework
Chapter 3: National Disaster Management Chapter 4: Provincial Disaster Management
  • Part 1: National disaster management centre o Administration o Powers and duties of National Centre
  • Part 2: Powers and duties of national government
  • Part I: Provincial disaster management framework
  • Part 2: Provincial disaster management centres
  • Part 3: Powers and duties of provincial government
Chapter 5: Municipal Disaster Management Chapter 6: Funding of Post-Disaster Recovery and Rehabilitation
  • Part 1: Municipal disaster management framework
  • Part 2: Municipal disaster management centres
  • Part 3: Powers and duties of municipalities and municipal entities
  • Guiding principles
  • National contributions to alleviate effects of local and provincial disasters
Chapter 7: Disaster Management Volunteers Chapter 8: Miscellaneous
  • Disaster management volunteers
  • Regulations
  • Offences
  • Indemnity
  • Scope of assistance by organs of state
  • Phasing in of certain provisions of Act Repeal of Act 67 of 1977
  • Short title and commencement

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